Murmur Community

An open democratic home for  global imagination

For dreaming, understanding, deciding, and acting

To cultivate flourishing peace.  
Locally and globally


Murmur / mûr′mər

1. A soft, barely intelligible sound - accidental, suppressed, or silenced, and potentially expressing discontent.
2. A murmuration is a swarm of starlings

Murmur aims...

to give voice to the suppressed and the silenced, to articulate the unintelligible, inarticulate murmurations of multitudes

Flourishing peace means...

Giving a voice to the silenced

Sowing the seeds for peace means recovering, recognizing, and unfolding the plurality of suppressed past voices haunting our present and futures.

Hacking our potential and imaginaries

Cultivating peace means harnessing our collective potential to expand our social imagination and enable inclusive and peaceful futures:

  • Escaping nightmarish past inertias
  • Unlocking and creating new possibilities, forms, and conditions
  • Transcending individual, national, and regional boundaries in our scope of thought and action

Murmur aims to widen the scope of solidarity and mutual understanding for participatory peacebuilding.

the murmur community, 2033
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