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Build a sensory deprivation bathtub with under 0.03 BTC

DIY Brain Computer Interface

Calibration issues using @SingleCouple’s VR patch (Solved)

A Murmur Community seat at the UN in 2034?
Earlier this year members from the @Stewardships cooperative started a thread on sensory deprivation and its role on participatory practices. Today they posted a...   Read More
After the heavily discussed flop of  Facebook’s BCI technologies and Neuralink’s privacy scandal, Brain-Computer Interfaces were mostly frowned upon, but...  
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We all love @SingleCouple’s contributions to the community, specially the VR enthusiasts, but as noted by @XRme0, their latest patch presented some disturbing... Read More
Murmur is campaigning for a chair at the UN. “Getting a seat is not an end to itself. It is a way for Pluriverse to continue to have an impact as a platform for regenerative System Change, where all voices... Read More

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