Manuel Palafox / DataJournalist

Located in Puebla, Mexico 

“Temporal justice is the moral imperative that comes with the power of datification.”

Self-described as a time traveler, Manuel is a Datajournalist using Murmur’s datasets to capture snapshots of forgotten pasts. He plays with notions of critical tagging and categorization in his work. In his journalistic work, he retags and dissects existing datasets by adding historically charged categories such as “colonial suffering” and “exploitation,” that can function as contextual variables for dreamweaving algorithms.

Combining data of soil composition of farming land and migratory fluxes in southern Mexico, Manuel reconstructs the stories of land expropriation from indigenous communities dating back to the 19th century and how this has led to extractivist farming practices.

Currently, Manuel is in the process of uploading a dataset of his own to Murmur. This laborious task consists in gathering the faces and dreams of victims of violence against the LGBTQ+ community in Mexico. This data set is made up of, among many other sources, personal diaries, torn-apart pictures, news reports of murder scenes, and long-forgotten Instagram accounts. This dataset can serve as the basis of future imagining.

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