Synthia Ramirez-Li-Faber / Citizen peacebuilder

Located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands  

Synthia has set up after school programs across 25 middle schools in the greater Rotterdam area aimed at giving the youth access to tools for peacebuilding starting from within themselves, their families and communities. The programs are connected to a larger global movement for youth advocating and practicing peace. Her work aims to restructure existing ethnic and cultural division lines towards a conception of a multiethnic and modern Netherlands and Europe.

The program teaches young learners a suite of methods and tools including nonviolent communication, meditation, martial arts, lucid dreaming, and physical and emotional self expression through the arts and through play.

Students are invited to initiate conversations about the future with each other, with their families and within their communities. In these conversations they aim to disentangle and create narratives of conflict de-escalation addressing multicultural and intergenerational communication barriers.

To this date, Synthia and her students have collected thousands of playful answers to questions such as, “what kind of world do you hope for me to grow up to see and why?”

Participants interrogate and recombine their dreams with those of other  students across the world. These are showcased in a gallery of dreams expressed in sketches, collages, as poems, recordings, etc. alongside 200 other participating cities around the world aimed at capturing, framing, reframing, and showcasing the dreams of the youth and their communities.

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