Radically participate

Open and accessible for all

Democratic software development
Social and design justice are at the core of Murmur. The development and maintenance of Murmur is adaptive and bidirectional to enable continual human empowerment through tech development. Murmur is governed and guided by individuals and communities using the platform that democratically decide on the design.

Inclusion at the core

Murmur allows many ways to connect, from low tech to high tech, equalizing participation for all. With technological inclusivity at its core, low-tech and DIY enterprises are highly encouraged in Murmur. These include technologically disadvantaged or offline collectives and breathe new life into “obsolete” technologies as participatory interfaces.

Open APIs, dashboards + data toward data empowerment by hacktivists, communities, organizations, and governments

DIY and free hardware including low tech, free hardware, e.g. Arduino

OpenRAN + P2P mesh networking including IOT, feature phone, and internetless connectivity

the murmur community, 2033
(legacy community Pluriversum.be)